Wix Blog: About Heading Tags in Wix Blog

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Heading tags are elements in your blog's HTML code that represent the headings in your post. Each page of your site should have its own unique set of heading tags. 
We recommend using heading tags in every post you write as they create a structure for your post and divide it into sections. This helps both search engines and readers understand what each post is all about.

Adding Heading Tags to Your Post

There are two types of heading tags that you can use in your post as follows:
  • Heading 2: Large header text
  • Heading 3: Mid-sized header text
By default, the main heading tag (Heading 1) is your post's title. This option is only available for post titles. 

Finding Heading Tags in Your Post's HTML Code

When crawling your blog post, search engine bots search for heading tags to learn more about your content and where to display it. If necessary, you can always check your post's HTML code and verify your heading tags were added properly. 

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