Wix Blocks: Sharing Your App With an Install Link

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Wix Blocks is open to all Wix Studio users. To get access to Blocks, join Wix Studio.
An Install Link enables Wix site-creators to install your app on their site.
This is useful when you want to share your app with a small number of specific site-creators. 
Note that you can also publish your app to the Wix App Market to make it available to all Wix users.
Creating an Install Link allows people who are not collaborators on your app to install it. 
Also, once you create an Install Link, your App ID is exposed on any site it's installed. Make sure to share this link only with people that you trust.

Install Link Version

Wix Blocks applications can have various versions. The version that your Install Link points to, depends on whether or not it was published in the Wix App Market:
  • App was never published App Market: the Install Link holds the latest version of your app, meaning the last version built in Blocks. 
  • App was published in the Wix App Market: the Install Link holds the published version, even if the last version you built in Blocks is higher. For example, if you published version 2.0 and then built version 2.1, your Install Link will point to 2.0. 

Install Link Limit

Any Install Link is limited to 80 installations. If you want to allow more installations, you can create a new link, or publish your app to the App Market. 

Disable an Install Link

There can only be one Install Link at any given time. If you want to disable an Install Link, create a new link and it will disable the old one. 

Managing Your App on a Site

A site creator who used your link to install the app on their site can manage the app through the Custom Apps section in their App Market app market icon menu. There, they can update the version or uninstall your app. 

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