Wix Blocks: Managing App Versions

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Wix Blocks is currently open to a limited number of users.
Wix Blocks assigns a version to every build. Site creators can choose if and when to install the update. Choose one of three types of versions:
  • Test. Test the app functionality on a site (learn more about testing). when you're developing your app, we recommend to use the Test version to avoid raising your app's version number. 
  • Major version. Release a major version when you've made changes that break compatibility.  If you add Wix app dependencies or code files to your app, your next build must be major.
  • Minor version. Release a minor version when you've made small changes that don't break compatibility. A minor version will automatically change on any site the app is installed on. 
Minor version disabled
You cannot create a minor version if you added Wix app dependencies or code files. In that case, build a major or test version. 
Wix Blocks automatically updates the version number. For example, if your previous release was 1.0, and you build a minor version, Blocks assigns it the version number 1.1. If your previous release was 2.2, and you build a major version, Blocks assigns it the version number 3.0. A test version does not change the version number. 
Your first release
The first release is always a major version. If you want to test your app before your first release, use the Test version. 
Apps created in the Wix Developers Center
If you created your app in the Wix Developers Center and then added a Blocks component to it, make sure to build a minor version in Blocks. A major version will require a manual update of the application in all the sites it's installed on.
Public version
If you published your app in the Wix App Market and you want to update its version to the latest version you built in Blocks, go to the Wix Developers Center and resubmit it for review. 

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