Wix Automations: Sending Data to Google Sheets

Create an automation that sends data to Google Sheets, such as form submissions or invoice details. This allows you to collaborate with people using Google Sheets without giving them access to your dashboard.
The data you send to a spreadsheet is different depending on the app. For example, Wix Forms sends form submission data like Name and Email fields, and Wix Stores sends data like recent store orders.

Step 1 | Create a new automation and connect your Google account

To begin, create a new automation and choose Update Google Sheets as the action. Then connect your Google account so the automation can access the spreadsheet. 

To create a new automation and connect your Google account:

  1. Go to Automations in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click + New Automation in the top right corner.
  3. Click + Start from Scratch.
  4. Give your automation a title and choose a trigger.
  5. Scroll down to the Action section and click Update Google Sheets as the automation's action.
Screenshot of automation action options.
  1. Click Connect Google Account.
  2. Select the relevant Google account.
  3. Click Allow.
When connecting your Google account, you are providing permissions for Wix to access your spreadsheet data. You can remove permissions at any time from your Google account.

If you remove Wix permissions, any automations that use Google Sheets will become disconnected and stop working. You can reset your Google permissions in an automation, but note that the trigger can't work retroactively or add any information that was "skipped" while the automation was disconnected. 

Step 2 | Connect a spreadsheet to your automation

All spreadsheets in your connected Google account can be used in your automations. You can create new spreadsheets within Google Sheets and use these too.

To connect your spreadsheet:

Choose what you want to do:

Step 3 | Match trigger data to the spreadsheet

Next you need to match the data from your chosen trigger to the correct columns in your connected spreadsheet. For example, if your trigger data includes customer and invoice total fields, you need to match that data to the "Customer" and "Invoice Total" spreadsheet columns.

To match your trigger data:

  1. Click Match Data to Sheet.
Screenshot of
  1. Click the first Select Data drop-down and select the trigger field you'd like to match with the Google Sheet field listed to the right of the drop-down.
    Note: If Wix Forms is your trigger and you have multiple forms, the title of the form appears to the right of the form field in brackets (e.g. [Contact]).
Screenshot of automation section where you match data to your Google Sheet.
  1. Click each Select Data drop-down and continue matching the data.
    Note: If you need to make edits to column titles, do so within your Google spreadsheet and click Refresh Data at the bottom left to see these changes reflected.
  2. Click Save.

Step 4 | Choose the timing and activate the automation

When you've matched the data to the spreadsheet columns, set the timing and frequency of the action.

To choose the timing and activate your automation:

  1. Click the Timing drop-down and set the timing and frequency:
    • Choose a time to send this action: Click the drop-down and choose when the action occurs. You can choose to have the automation trigger immediately or set a custom time.  
    • Limit frequency to: Click the drop-down and choose how many times the same trigger can cause the action to occur.
Screenshot of Timing section of automation.
  1. (Optional) Click + Add an Action to add another action that takes place following the trigger.
  2. Click Activate to publish the automation.
Click the More Actions icon  next to an existing automation in the Automations dashboard and click Open Google Sheet to quickly view the Google spreadsheet.

Screenshot of


Here are some common questions about Google Sheets automations:

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