Wix Automations: Creating a Multi-Action Automation

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Multi-action automations are automations with a single trigger and multiple actions. These allow you to streamline communication with your site visitors, deliver the right information at the right time, and optimize your business processes.

For example, you can create an automation that welcomes members logging in to your site with a chat message and then sends a follow-up email a few days later.

To create a multi-action automation:

  1. Create a new automation or edit an existing automation.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the automation editing screen and click + Add an Action.
A screenshot of the 'Add an Action' text you click to create a multi-action automation.
  1. Click your chosen action in the Action 2 section.
  2. Set up the action using the available options.
  3. Click the Timing section to expand it.
  4. Click the Choose a time to send this action drop-down to select when this follow-up action should be carried out:
    • Wait between actions: The action is performed after the previous action, after a period of time set by you. Click the up and down arrows to set the number and click the drop-down to choose between days, hours and minutes.
    • Respond Immediately: The action is performed immediately after the previous action.
  5. (Optional) Click + Add an Action and follow steps 3 - 6 to add any additional follow-up actions.
  6. Click Activate.
Adding actions to existing automations
If you add new actions to existing automations, these actions will only apply to instances triggered after you save your changes. For every instance already triggered (e.g. form submitted), these new actions will not be performed.

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