Wix Automations: Connecting Your Automations with a Third-Party App Using Zapier

Connect Wix Automations to external apps such as Slack, Trello and Google Docs using Zapier. If you're using several different apps to manage your business, this is a great way to streamline your processes.
In order to connect your Wix Automations to third-party apps, you must first enable Velo.

Step 1 | Create an automation that connects to Zapier

Create the automation that you want to connect to Zapier. Set the trigger and the timing, and make sure to select "Connect to Zapier" as the action.

To create an automation that connects to Zapier:

  1. Go to Automations in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click + New Automation
  3. Click + Start from Scratch or click a suggested automation.
  4. Click the title to give your automation a name.
  5. Click the app you'd like to base your trigger on in the Trigger section.
  6. Select your chosen trigger from the available options.
  7. Click Connect to Zapier in the Action section.
  8. Click the Timing section to expand it.
  9. Click the Choose a time to send this action drop-down to select when the action should be carried out:
    • Immediately: The action is performed as soon as the trigger occurs.
    • Set custom time: The action is performed after the trigger, at a time set by you. Click the up and down arrows to set the number and click the drop-down to choose between days, hours and minutes.
  10. Click the Limit frequency to drop-down to set trigger frequency:
    • Don't limit (trigger every time): Your action will take place every time it is triggered.
    • Once per contact: Your action will take place only once per contact.
    • Once per contact every 24hrs: Your action will take place only once per contact in any 24hr period.
  11. Click Activate.
A screenshot of automation action options, with

Step 2 | Log in to Zapier and create a "Zap"

After creating an automation in your Wix account, log in to your Zapier account to create a "Zap" and complete the setup. This "Zap" is an automated connection between different apps through Zapier.

To log in to Zapier and create a Zap:

  1. Log in to Zapier.com and follow the steps to create a "Zap".
  2. When choosing your trigger, search and select the app "Wix Automations".
  3. Follow the steps to connect your Wix site and create your "Zap".

Once created, your automation will be listed on your Wix Automations page.
New to Zapier?
Learn more about creating "Zaps" and the apps you can connect to Wix Automations using Zapier.


Here are some common questions about automations that connect to Zapier:

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