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With Wix Analytics, you can track your groups' success by understanding the ways members engage with your group.
Find out which group posts are getting the most interaction and the members who are most active. Explore trends in member behavior and see which time of day has the most engagement to help you decide the best time to post to your group.
To access your Groups reports:
  1. Go to Reports in your site's dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the Groups Reports section.
  3. Select the relevant report.

Top Group Posts

Your Top Group Posts report showcases the best performing posts. This gives you an idea of the type of conversations members are participating in and the topics that interest them.

Use your Top Group Posts report to:
  • Track the number of comments and reactions for each post to see the most popular one.
  • See a snapshot of engagement for each post on the date it was published.
    Note: Engagements include the total comments and reactions to the post.
Click on the URL in the Post URL column to view the post on your live site (you must be logged in to your site).

Top Group Members

Discover which group members are the most active based on their engagement with the content in your group.
Use your Top Group Members report to:
  • Find out the number of comments each group member wrote.
  • View the number of posts each group member published.
  • Show the number of reactions (emojis) made by each member.

Groups Activity over Time

See the changes in your groups traffic and engagement over time. Compare activity trends over different time periods to help you decide the most popular days for you to share new posts. 
Use the information in this report to:
  • See how many unique visitors your group has attracted over your desired timeframe.
  • Compare how many times your group was visited on any given day.
  • View the total number of engaged members who posted, left a comment or a reaction in the group. 
  • See how many paying members joined your group during a selected time period.

Groups Activity by Time of Day

Discover when group members are most engaged. Select your desired measure and see which days and times get the most activity.

Use this report to filter the available measures:
  • Visits: The number of sessions a member had by logging in and logging out of your group.
  • Visitors: The total number of users who visited your group.
  • How many posts, comments and reactions occurred on a given day and time.


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