Updating Your Velo Package

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You may want to update your package after you've built it. 
  • You can only update the last version you built.
  • Your update does not overwrite the local version of the config.json file installed on a site.
  • When you install your package and enable auto-updates, new minor versions of the package are applied to the live site without republishing.

Step 1 | Update the Package

  1. Open a Wix or Editor X site.
  2. Use one of these approaches to open your package for editing.
a.  Make sure that Dev Mode is enabled. Click the More Actions  menu for the package you want to update, and click Edit Package.
b.  Click the More Actions  menu next to the Packages section and then click Manage Installed to open the Package Manager. Then, in the Package Manager, click the More Actions  menu of the package you want to update and click Edit Package.
3.  Make your changes. We recommend you complete the Release notes section to explain to package users what changes were made in the release. The release notes appear in the Package Manager under each version you build.
4.  Save and Build your package. When you build your package, choose the appropriate type of version - minor or major. 

Step 2 | Install the Updated Package on a Site

When you build a new version of your package, each site where the package is installed, when refreshed, displays a notification indicating that a new version is available. You can also see all of your updated packages in the Packages Manager.
  1. Open the Wix or Editor X site on which you installed the package (if the site is open, refresh the editor).
  2. Make sure that Dev Mode is enabled.
  3. Note the update notification.
  1. Click See Update from the more menu. This opens the Package Manager.
  1. Click the Update to <version> button.
events.js files
If you add or update an events.js file in the backend files of your package, republish the site after you install the updated version of the package.

Setting Automatic Updates to Minor Versions

You have the option of automatically updating your package to the latest minor version on all of the sites where the package is installed. Then, when you build a minor version, there is no indication in the editor that there is an update - it's installed silently. Note that when automatic updates are on for a package, its version is represented by the following convention: myPackage(v^2.x).

Sites will continue to show an indication and require manual updating for major version updates.

To enable automatic updates for minor versions:
  1. Open the Package Manager
  2. Click the Installed Packages tab.
  3. Click the package on which you want to enable automatic updates.
  4. Turn on the automatic Get automatic updates for future minor versions.
If you add or update an events.js file in the backend files of your package, those changes will not be automatically updated. Manually install the updated version from the My Packages tab in the Velo Package Manager, and then republish your site. 

Managing Package Versions

You can choose to install a specific version to overwrite the installed version. 
  1. Click Packages > More Actions > Manage Installed in the Code Files PACKAGES section.
Or, Click  More Actions > See all versions for your package.
2. Click Install for the version you want to install.

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