Troubleshooting Error Message: Default Mail Client Is Not Properly Installed

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If you receive the error message: "Default mail client is not properly installed," you are experiencing a local issue related to the email configuration of your browser or computer. 

This issue occurs when you click an email link from your live site if you do not have a defined default mail client for your device.  

To resolve this issue, define a default mail client:

Click below to learn about default mail clients for each browser:
As well as the Editor and ADI Builder, Wix no longer supports live sites on IE11. We recommend using one of our supported browsers to view and edit your site. Learn More
  • This issue is localized to your computer and should not affect your visitors unless they have also not set up a default mail client. To avoid this issue, we recommend displaying your email address on your site and using a contact form
  • If you haven't set up a mail client on your device, you will experience this issue when clicking "mailto:" links on any websites (not just Wix sites). 

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