Transferring vs. Connecting Your Domain to Wix

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Learn the difference between 'transferring' vs. 'connecting' your domain to understand which option is best for your business. 
Your site must be upgraded to a Premium plan before you can assign a domain to your site. 

Transferring your domain

Wix becomes your domain host when you transfer your domain to Wix, meaning that you can manage the following from your Wix account: 
  • Your domain's registration payments
  • Your domain's contact information
  • Your domain's DNS records

Connecting your domain

Your Wix site appears online when you enter your domain name into a web browser once you've connected your domain to Wix. 
When you connect a domain purchased outside of Wix:
  • Your domain remains hosted at your current domain host, not at Wix: It is only connected to your Wix site via name servers or pointing.  
    • Name servers: (Preferred connection method) You manage your DNS records from your Wix account.
    • Pointing: (Not recommended) You continue to manage your DNS records at your domain host.
  • Billing and contact details are managed at your current domain host, not at Wix: Contact your existing domain host for assistance with domain renewals, contact information, and other domain-related billing inquiries.
Once you connect your domain to Wix, it may take up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to take effect. Learn more about domain propagation.

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