Tracking Chat Events on Your Site with Google Analytics

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Keep track of potential leads coming from Wix Chat. Use Google Analytics to get information about every interaction with your chat window and reach out to those who left their contact details. To get started, connect Google Analytics to your site.  

Which chat events can I track?

By default, Wix sends information to Google Analytics about the following chat events: 
  • Leads: Whenever a visitor submits the contact form in the chat. 
  • Engagement: Whenever a visitor opens or closes the chat window.
Use the table below to learn how Google Analytics displays each event:
Event Trigger
Event Category
Event Action
Event Label
Leads from Wix Chat
Chat - Online Form Submitted
Engagement with Wix Chat
There are two possible actions:
  • Chat - Opened
  • Chat - Closed

To view the events in your Google Analytics account:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account. 
  2. Go to the relevant View, located in the top left corner.
    Note: If you only have 1 view in your Google Analytics account the View will appear automatically on your home page. 
  3. Click Behavior in the menu on the left.
  4. Click Events.
  5. Click Overview.
It can take up to 24 hours for your events to appear in Google Analytics. 
Use the Google Analytics Real-Time report to test your events and make sure they're logged. Learn More

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