About Google Analytics and the GDPR

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In the past few months, there have been some legal and regulatory decisions in the European Union about Google Analytics and whether using it is compliant with the GDPR.  Learn more about Google Analytics’ data privacy approach
We offer our users a wide range of tools to help them grow their business and internet presence, including Google Analytics. However, the decision whether or not to use Google Analytics on your website is yours, and Google Analytics is only used on your site if you actively connect it.
If you choose to use Google Analytics, we encourage you to check the privacy controls settings on the Google Analytics dashboard and apply the relevant settings according to your jurisdiction’s laws and regulations. Learn more about Google Analytics privacy controls
If needed, you can consult with a local attorney to advise you whether the use of Google Analytics on your website is compliant with your local laws.
  • The Google Analytics integration is applied to your whole website. If you have reason to believe that you should not use Google Analytics on a specific page on your website, you should not use this integration.
  • You can use IP anonymization to hide your site visitors IP addresses from Google if required. Learn how to use IP anonymization

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