Site Members: Customizing the Member Approval Email

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You can customize the email that new members receive when you approve them to become members of your site.
You can also configure your own sender details such as your sender name and reply-to email address. 
  • To use this feature, you must have your sign-up settings set to "People I approve". Learn more 
  • Using a domain based email for the sender details is optimal as there are limitations with the sender details as it pertains to public providers (gmail, yahoo, etc.). 

To customize your member approval email:

  1. Go to Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to Communications and click Notifications you send
  3. Click Edit sender details
    Note: You need to configure your sender details in order to edit the email template.
  4. Enter the From name and the Reply-to email and click Save
  5. Click Preview and Edit next to "When: Site member request is approved".
  6. Click Edit on the template.
  7. Edit the template to your desired specifications.
  8. Click Continue and Save.
Find out more about Approving Site Members.

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