Site Members: About the Member Login Form

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After signing up to your Members Area, members must log in to see their account information and your exclusive content. You can choose whether to show members the default login form or your own customized version.  
Customize the info fields in your members' accounts:
Choose what information is displayed in your members' My Account and Profile pages. 

Default login form

The built-in login form is already designed for absolute convenience. It matches your site colors and text themes so your design stays consistent. 
This means you cannot design the form from scratch, but you can still control some of the colors and fonts from the Theme Manager. 

Custom login form

Customize the member login form to make it your own. You can change the background and overall design, add elements, tailor the fields to your needs and choose whether or not to display the option to log in with Facebook or Google.

Velo form

If you enabled Velo by Wix, you can display a Velo form for your members to sign in. This option is for technical users who wish to add code to their site.

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