Single Video Player: Uploading Media from Your Video Library

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In the Single Video Player, you can show videos that you've uploaded to Wix Video. Media you upload to Wix Video appears in the Video Library, which is separate from your Media Manager. You can access a shortcut to your Video Library from the Single Video Player, then upload the files to your Media Manager and show them in the player. 
Before you begin:
  • Make sure you've added Wix Video to your site and uploaded videos to your Video Library. Learn more about Wix Video
  • Make sure you've added the Single Video Player to your site so you can upload video files to it. 
Differentiating the Media Manager and your Video Library:
  • When you add Wix Video to your site, you create a Video Library for its files. This is completely separate from the Media Manager, which is a hub for most of your site's uploads. If you added Wix Video to your site, you can access a shortcut to its Video Library from your Media Manager. Learn more
  • If you choose to upload a video file directly to the Media Manager, the max size is 1GB. However, if you upload your file via Wix Video (Video Library) the max file size is 15GB. 

To upload a video from your Video Library:

  1. Click the Single Video Player in your Editor. 
  2. Click Change Video
  3. Click Change Video to open the Media Manager. 
  4. Double click the Video Library folder shortcut to open it. 
  1. Select the video you want to use in the player and click Upload Selection
  2. Select the video you just uploaded to your Site Files and click Add to Page
  1. Choose the video's Playback Options from the Video Settings: 
    • Autoplays: Click the toggle to have the video play on mute automatically when the page loads. Visitors can turn the sound on manually if they'd like. 
    • Plays in a loop: Click the toggle to have the video replay itself continuously. 
  2. Set the Video Description: Enter a description of the video under What's this video about?

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