Wix Bookings: Refunding Clients

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Whenever you or a client cancel a service, we recommend handling the refund as soon as possible. This is to avoid chargebacks, which are charge reversals issued by payment providers on behalf of clients that dispute them. 
Issue refunds directly from the Orders tab or the Participant List in your site's dashboard. Alternatively, you can refund clients through the payment provider used for the transaction.  
  • To reduce chargebacks, make sure to update clients as soon as you process their refunds. 
  • Keep records about all the refunds you issue, including details about the services, clients, dates, and amounts. 
In this article, learn how to refund clients:

Refunding clients using the Orders tab

Use the Orders tab in your site's dashboard to refund or cancel services if you have Wix Stores and Wix Bookings on your site. Otherwise, use the Participant List in your Booking Calendar to cancel or refund orders. 
A screenshot showing where the orders tab is in your dashboard.
Click the relevant link below for specific steps for each payment provider:

Refunding clients using the Participants List

You can issue refunds to clients from the Participant List in your Booking Calendar. 

To refund a client using the Participant List:

  1. Go to Booking Calendar in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the relevant session in your calendar.
  3. Click Manage to view the Participant List.
  4. Click the More Actions icon  on the right side of the relevant client and click Remove.
  5. (Optional) Select the Send cancelation email checkbox and add a note to let the client know you cancelled the session or issued a refund.
  6. (Optional) Select the Mark as refunded checkbox to refund the client.
  7. Click Remove.
A screenshot showing where to select to send your client a cancelation email and refund after removing a client.
  1. (If necessary) Click Mark as refunded to confirm. 

Refunding clients through the payment provider

You can process refunds for clients directly through the payment provider that was used for the transaction. For example, if a client paid for the service using PayPal, go to the PayPal dashboard to refund them. 
If the transaction was processed through Wix Payments, go to the Wix Payments dashboard to process the refund. 

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