Pricing Plans: Adding and Setting up a Loyalty Program

8 min read
Create a loyalty program to reward returning clients and attract new ones. Choose the actions that clients can do on your site to earn points, like purchasing a Pricing Plan. Then, decide on the amount of points they get and the rewards you want to offer in return (e.g. a 20% discount). 
A Loyalty page automatically appears on your site, with a detailed description of your incentives. Registered members can log in to view their point balance and rewards on the My Rewards page

Step 1 | Create your loyalty program

Create and customize your loyalty program to suit your clients and your business. Give your rewards program and points catchy names that fit with your branding.

To create your loyalty program:

  1. Go to Loyalty Program in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Start Now.
  3. Add your loyalty program name.
  4. Choose what to call your loyalty points under Points name
    • Points: this is the default name.  
    • Custom name: Enter a new name for your points that matches your site's brand.
  5. Choose a loyalty points icon:
    1. Hover over the image under Points icon.
    2. Click the Change Icon icon
    3. (In the Media Manager) Choose a new icon or upload an image from your desktop.
  6. Click Save.

Step 2 | Set up how your clients earn points

After creating your Loyalty program, you get to the Manage Program page where you choose how clients earn points and the amount of points awarded for each action.
For example, when a client purchases a monthly hair cut and beard trim subscription, they earn 50 points. They can then use these points towards discounts on your products, services or other plans and packages.
Points based on spending are rounded down to the nearest whole number. For example, if you reward 10 points per $1, a spend of $4.99 earns 40 points.

To set up how your clients earn points:

  1. Click the Points and rewards tab.
  2. Enable the toggles next to the actions that earn clients points. 
  3. Hover over an action and click Edit to customize it:
    1. Edit the relevant details: 
      • Give the action a title. 
      • Set the number of points clients earn for the action.
      • (Optional) Choose the action:
        • Each purchase
        • Every $1 spent
          Note: Clients earn points based on your site currency.
    2. When ready, click Save

Step 3 | Set up your loyalty rewards

After choosing and customizing the actions that earn points, set up the rewards (coupons) and how your clients redeem them. For example, a client can redeem 100 points for a 10% discount on their next plan. 

To set up your loyalty rewards:

  1. Scroll down to Rewards.
  2. Hover over an existing reward and click Edit, or click + Create New Reward.
    Note: Learn more about how to create coupons for Wix Pricing Plans.
  3. Select the relevant coupon from the drop-down.
  4. Set the Coupon cost in points. 
  5. Set the Reward name.
  6. Click Save.

Step 4 | (Optional) Customize your loyalty pages

Once you set up your rewards program, two loyalty pages appear in the Editor. Customize both of them to make it easier for your repeat clients involved in your rewards program. 
Your Loyalty Program page contains details of your program with your clients. The My Rewards page is where your registered members track their points and rewards. 

To customize your Loyalty page:

  1. Access the Loyalty pages in your Editor: 
    • Wix Editor:
      1. Click Pages  on the left side of the Editor. 
      2. Click Loyalty
    • Editor X:  
      1. Click Pages  at the top of Editor X. 
      2. Click Loyalty.
  2. Click the Loyalty element on the page.
  3. Click Settings
  1. Choose what you want to customize:

Step 5 | (Optional) Customize your My Rewards Page

Once you set up your Loyalty program page, make sure to update all the information your clients see on their My Rewards page. Make the page as clear as possible so clients understand all the benefits of your loyalty program.

To customize your My Rewards Page:

  1. Access the My Rewards pages in your Editor: 
    • Wix Editor:
      1. Click Pages  on the left side of the Editor.
      2. Click My Rewards under Member Pages.
    • Editor X: 
      1. Click Pages at the top of Editor X. 
      2. Click My Rewards under Member Pages.
  2. Click the My Rewards element on the page.
  3. Click Settings
  1. Choose what you want to customize: