Online Programs: Giving Site Members Free Access to Paid Programs

If you have an online program that people need to pay to join, you can choose to give site members free access without them needing to pay a fee or go through the checkout process. This is useful for inviting friends and family, VIPs, beta testers and collaborators to the program. 

To invite members for free, you need to manually add them as participants from the dashboard.

To give site members free access to paid programs:

  1. Go to Online Programs in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the relevant program.
  3. Click Invite Participants at the top right.
  4. Click the Invite Participants drop-down and select Add Participants. This changes the regular program invite to an automatic 'join' for any member who is selected.
  1. Click the search bar and start typing a site member's name to add them to the program. You can also select members using the checkboxes at the left.
    Note: Participants must be a member of your site before you can add them.
  1. When you've finished adding members click Add to Program.
The new members automatically appear under Participants in your main program page. They will receive a 'Welcome to the Program' email and will not be asked to pay a fee.

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