Manually Adding Reservations in Wix Hotels

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Wix Hotels allows you to manually add reservations received offline (phone, email, etc.).
You can also update a reservation status when your guests have checked in or out.

To manually add reservations:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Click the Hotels tab.
  3. Click the Reservations tab.
  4. Click New Reservation.
  5. Click the Reservation Status drop-down menu and select a reservation type. 
    • Reserved: This booking is to reserve a room.
    • Checked In: The guests have checked in.
    • Checked Out: The guests have checked out.
    • Not Available: This room is not available.
  6. Enter the booking details (Check in, Check Out, etc.)
  7. Enter the guest details (First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, etc.).                                        Note: Payment details will display after selecting your Room and Room Type. 
  8. Click Save.
To accept payments for manual reservations, you must have a payment processor which accepts offline payments. After your guest pays for the reservation, you can update the reservation status and notes. 
You can also manually add a reservation by selecting dates on the calendar and clicking Create Reservation.

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