Legacy Data, Compute, and Developer Tools Limits

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In September 2023, Wix launched new premium plans that include updated limits on data, compute platform, and developer tools features.
The new limits impact existing sites, as follows:

Checking your site's plan

If your site has a premium plan, you can check if it has a legacy premium plan or a new premium plan.
To check your plan type, do the following:
  1. Open your site's dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Manage plan.
  3. Click View Plan Features.
    View Plan Features button
    A modal opens, displaying your site's premium plan features.
  4. Scroll down to see your site's plan limits. If you see dedicated sections for Data platform, Compute platform, and Developer tools, your site has a new premium plan. If you don't see these sections, your site has a legacy premium plan. Sample data platform limits

Changing your site's plan

If your site has a legacy premium plan and you move to new plan, your plan's limits change. In some cases, the new plan may have lower limits for some features than your site's current usage. Downgrade behavior varies by feature. Learn more about downgrade behavior for data platform, compute platform, and developer tools features.

Legacy plan limits

These tables list the limits for legacy premium plans.

Data platform

Data storage10 GB
Data collections1000
Data indexes-
Data backups3 weekly auto-backups

3 manual backups
Monthly data requestsNo limit
Data requests per minuteRead: 3000/minute

Write: 1500/minute
Data request timeout5 seconds
External database integrationYes

Compute platform

Backend containers1 micro container
Capacity per container1 vCPU

400 MB RAM
Backend requests per minute7000
Backend request timeout14 seconds

Developer tools

Logging with Google CloudYes

30 day retention
SecretsNo limit
Scheduled jobsUp to 20

1 hour minimum interval
Backend event handlersYes
Dashboard pagesNo limit

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