Hopp by Wix: An Overview

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Hopp by Wix helps content creators and influencers connect better with their followers. Using our Link in Bio page, provide your followers with easy access to coupon codes, discount links, or any other content you want to share. 
There are many other tools that you can use individually, or with your Link in Bio page. From your Hopp account, you can shorten long URLs, create a landing page, and set up pre-rolls that show content to followers before reaching the link they clicked.
A screenshot showing a Hopp code in an Instagram post. Followers can then search this code in the link in bio search engine.
In this article, learn more about:

Learn about Hopp by Wix

Learn more about each feature of Hopp. You can use these tools individually or together with your Link in Bio page and search engine.
Overcome linking restrictions in social platforms with limitless sharing, by having one source for your links. Your Link in Bio page includes your own search engine, where your audience can search for products and resources by codes that you assign to each item. Add new content at any time. Mention a code in an Instagram post or TikTok caption for your followers to search. 
Benefits include:
  • A search engine that indexes all of your content.
  • Build unique actions that can be added to your Link in Bio page such as links to booking a service, product pages and your social media. 
  • A range of page presets to choose from or design your own.
A screenshot showing the Hopp link in bio search engine.
Use the link shortening tool to condense your links into a more easily shareable format. Then, customize your shortened URL even further with your brand name. Or trigger a promotion when the link is clicked. Index the URL in your own Link in Bio search engine and track its performance.
A screenshot showing a shortened link and its redirected URL.

Landing pages

Create a landing page about anything you care about in just a few clicks. Choose what to promote in it, share to your audience with a shareable URL and track its overall performance. 
A screenshot showing an example Hopp landing page.


Choose from a set of content or actions to show your visitors before they reach their intended link destination. When a site visitor clicks to get to a target URL, pre-rolls give you the ability to show them specific content first. You have the option to update and change the target URL whenever you want.

Your audience will also have the ability to skip the pre-roll and instead be brought directly to their intended link destination. 
Some ways that you can use pre-rolls for your business:
  • Show potential customers a backpack in your Wix Store before they view your hiking blog.
  • Show a video of you explaining a product or service before site visitors purchase or book.
  • Show a coupon to your followers before landing on a product page.  
A screenshot showing an example pre-roll.

How do I get started?

  1. Go to hopp.co.
  2. Click Get Started for Free at the top right.
  3. Log in with your Wix account or create a new account. 
  4. Choose a name and username for your Link in Bio page and click Create Account.
  5. Set up your Link in Bio page.
What's next?
You are now on the main Hopp dashboard. You can view your own unique Link in Bio URL in the Link in Bio tab. Click Create New to start building out your Hopp page.
A screenshot showing the settings options where you can add advanced search for your link in bio search engine.


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