Google Workspace: Resetting a Workspace User's Password

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If you are the admin of a business email account, you can reset a Workspace user's password if they misplace or forget their password. Only admins can do this.

To reset the password of a Workspace user:

  1. Go to your Business Email page.
  2. Click the Show More  icon next to the relevant business email.
  3. Click Manage at Google.
  4. Sign in to your Google Workspace account: 
    1. Enter your email address.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Enter the password.
    4. Click Sign In.
      Note: If you are signed in to another Google account, click the profile image or initial at the top right and select your account.
  5. Click Users.
  6. Hover over the relevant user and click the Reset password icon .
  7. (Optional) Toggle off Automatically generate a password, and enter a new password to manually set a new password. 
  8. Click Reset.
  9. (Optional) Select Click to copy password to copy the autogenerated password.
  10. (Optional) Click Email Password, enter an email address to send the password to, and click Send.
  11. Click Done

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