Google Workspace: Accessing your Business Email Through Your Wix Account

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If you purchased a Google Workspace business email through Wix, you can easily access and manage it from within your Wix account.
Once you have purchased and set up your business email, you must sign into your admin email account to accept the Google Workspace product agreement.

To access your business email:

  1. Go to your Business Email page.
  2. Click Go to Gmail.
    Note: If you're already signed in to your google account, you are automatically taken to your inbox.
  3. Sign in to your business email: 
    1. Click Next.
    2. Enter your password. 
    3. Click Sign In.
If you are signed in to another Google account, click the profile image or initial at the top right and select your account.
You can also sign into your business email directly through Simply enter your Google Workspace email address, including, and your password.

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