Google Search Console: Fix mobile usability issues

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The Wix mobile-friendly view meets the standards set by Google for mobile sites.

If you have received the message above:
  • Make sure that you have enabled the mobile-friendly view of your site. If the mobile view is enabled then the error messages should gradually disappear.
  • If you are receiving this error message and your mobile-friendly view is enabled, then find out which are the affected URLs by following the instructions below:

To find the affected URLs:

  1. Go to your Google Search Console.
  2. Click Search Traffic.
  3. Click Mobile Usability.
  4. Select each 'Usability error', and view the URLs.
You can try to resolve this issue by opening your site's Editor at the specific page referred to in the error message. If you are able to locate the design issue that is causing the error and fix it, then the problem should be resolved the next time Google crawls your site. You can have your site checked instantly by Google for mobile usability using this link.
If you are unable to locate and fix the issue causing the error, contact us and include the specific URLs of the pages receiving this error. Please include a screenshot of the full screen.

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