Google Search Console: Discovered - Currently Not Indexed

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When checking your site's coverage status report in Google Search Console, you may see that Google has marked some of your URLs as Discovered - Currently Not Indexed
This means that Google found this page, but decided not to crawl it for search results at the moment. It doesn't necessarily mean that your page has errors. It may mean that Google decided that crawling this page would overload your site and rescheduled crawling for a later time. It can also mean that you need to improve the quality of the content on the page.
Check the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue:
  • Confirm that the page can be indexed by Google by clicking Test Live URL in Google's URL Inspection Tool. Learn More
  • Make sure to organize your page's content and divide it into categories/sections with unique text that doesn't exist in other pages. Duplicate content (or very similar content) appearing on different pages of your site may prevent them from being indexed. 
  • See that your subpages incorporate your keywords organically and have a visible connection to them. 
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