Google Business Profile Insights

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After you have set up your Google Business Profile in your Wix account and your business has been verified, you can access your Google Business Profile Insights to discover how your listing is performing.
Potential data discrepancies
There may be discrepancies in your Google Business Profile Insights due to different reporting timezones in your Wix account and your Google account. Your Insights data is supplied by Google and is not edited by Wix.

Overview & date range

The Google Business Profile Insights overview show your views, searches, and activity at a glance, and percentage increase or decrease in traffic and activity. At the top of this section you can change the date range for the data shown.


Views displays the number of people that viewed your listing on Google Search or Maps during a specific date range.


Searches displays the total number of people who found your Google Business Profile by direct, discovery, or branded searches.
  • Direct: When someone directly searches for your business name or address.
  • Discovery: When someone searched for a category, product, or service your site offers, and your Business Profile appeared.
  • Branded: When someone searched for your brand or a brand related to your business. Branded results will only appear if your Business Profile has appeared at least once in a branded search.


Activity displays the total number of people who took a common action in your listing, including calls, website visits, photo views, and direction requests.

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