Google Ads with Wix: An Overview

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Google Ads with Wix allows you to create a campaign directly from your site's dashboard. This is a great way to get more eyes on your business when advertising on Google. 
Our integrated paid advertising solution seamlessly connects your Google campaign to your site, and shows how ads convert visitors across your business tools.
Screenshot of the Google Ads with Wix campaign setup flow customizing ad settings
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Benefits of creating a Google Ads with Wix campaign

When you create a Google Ads campaign with Wix, you get the opportunity to advertise on Google's search engine in addition to Wix's 24/7 customer support. You also get access to:
  • A guided, step-by-step setup process from your site's dashboard
  • Wix's integrated paid advertising solution
  • Content and keyword theme suggestions from Google Ads to help in ad creation
  • Seamless integration between Google Ads and your Wix site for the most accurate conversion tracking from ads to website.
  • If you've never advertised on Google Ads before, you'll be eligible for up to $500 USD in Google Ads credit.*
    Note: Campaigns that spend $500 USD in the first 60 days are automatically eligible for this Google Ads offer.
    *Terms and conditions apply

How do I get started?

  1. Go to Google Ads in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Start Advertising
  3. Complete the Get ready to advertise on Google checklist which includes:
    • Publishing your site
    • Purchasing a Premium plan that fits your business
    • Connecting a custom domain
  4. Build your Google Ads campaign including customizing your ad settings, creating your ad content and setting a campaign budget. 
  5. Purchase a Google Ads with Wix subscription and launch your campaign.
A new Google Ads account is created for you when you launch a Google Ads campaign with Wix. Any existing Google Ads accounts you might have are separate from this account.
Screenshot of the Get Ready to Advertise checklist for Google Ads with Wix

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about creating a Google Ads campaign with Wix.

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