Google Ads with Wix: About the Google Ads Credit Offer

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Earn $500 USD (or the currency equivalent) in ad credit directly from Google to help run your Google Ads with Wix campaign. 
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Eligibility for Google Ads credit

In order to be eligible for the ad credit offer:
  1. You must be new to Google advertising and have not previously run a Google Ads campaign with your site.
  2. You must spend $500 USD (or your currency equivalent ) on ad clicks within the first 60 days of your campaign.
If you are eligible for this ad credit, Google applies it directly to your available ad credits and you will receive a notification via email as well as in your site's dashboard.
This ad credit is not refundable and you must spend it within 60 days of receiving it in your account. Read more about Google's terms and conditions.
Since your ad budget is spent on clicks, you have a better chance of being eligible if you set your monthly subscription to at least $300 USD (around $10 USD per day). 


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