Fit by Wix: Setting Fit by Wix as Your Default Member App

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The Fit by Wix member app for mobile is specifically tailored to help your clients get the best service from your fitness business - while on the go. In Fit by Wix, your members can browse and book sessions in your bookings calendar, sign up to one of your pricing plans, and buy your fitness merchandise.
It also assists your members' fitness journeys by allowing them to track their progress each week with the performance tracker, and to take part in new fitness challenges.
Your existing members can still use Spaces by Wix to interact with your fitness business, but Fit by Wix is designed specifically with the fitness community in mind, and includes fitness related features. Therefore, we recommend that your clients use Fit by Wix (rather than Spaces by Wix) to get the best results from your services. 
Once you set Fit by Wix as your default member app, the following happens:
  • New members: Are automatically directed to download Fit by Wix. 
  • Existing members: See a notification in Spaces by Wix that your site is best viewed on Fit by Wix, and are encouraged to switch. Once they switch, all their member information, including their bookings, personal profile data, chats, memberships details and packages remain unchanged. They do not need to rebook or repurchase anything after switching. 

To make Fit by Wix your preferred member app:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Site & App .
  3. Tap the Spaces banner underneath the image of the app.
  4. Select Fit by Wix.
  5. Tap Save.
A screenshot showing how to choose your preferred app.
Next steps:
  1. Start customizing your Fit by Wix site so it looks just the way you want and keeps your members engaged. When you customize your site on the Fit by Wix app, the changes you make appear both in Fit by Wix and in Spaces by Wix.
  2. Celebrate the change by sending your existing members an announcement - directly to their mobile - encouraging them to switch to Fit by Wix. Learn how to create an announcement

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