Facebook Ads: About the Dashboard in the Wix Owner App

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View your campaign statistics wherever you are with the Facebook Ads dashboard in the Wix Owner app. Get key insights on-the-go and track campaign performance, ad engagement, and more straight from your mobile device. To make edits to your campaign go to the dashboard on a desktop.
Before you begin:
This article refers to the Facebook Ads dashboard in the Wix Owner app. Open the dashboard in the Wix Owner app to begin.

Campaign Metrics in the Wix Owner App

The sections of your dashboard highlight different campaign information as well as statistics. The same metrics from your desktop are also available on mobile so you can get an understanding of your campaign at a glance. The sections of the mobile dashboard are:
  • Your Ad Campaign: Get an overview of your campaign and subscription information including:
    • Campaign Status: To the right of your campaign overview is a colored label that shows your current campaign status.
    • Created on: Your campaign's start date.
    • Monthly Subscription: Your current monthly subscription. Learn more about what your subscription includes.
    • Ad spend used: The amount you've paid to Facebook to show your ad. Note: Ad spend is 85% of your monthly budget; the remaining 15% is Wix's fee.
    • Date Range drop-down: Tap the Lifetime drop-down to change the time period that the campaign's Performance, Ad Engagement and Store Activity statistics are pulled from.
  • Stats Overview: Quickly swipe through notable campaign metrics pulled from the Ad Engagement and Ad Impact statistics below.
  • Ad Engagement: See how audiences are interacting with your ads, including total views, people reached, total clicks and more. Learn more about each ad engagement statistic.
  • Ad Impact: View statistics that show how your ads are working for you including purchases, site visits, site members, bookings and more. Learn more about each ad impact statistic.
  • Audiences: Understand who is seeing your ad as well as a breakdown of age, gender and location. Learn more about audiences.
  • Marketing Tools on Mobile: Encourage people in your community to interact with your store by sending an email campaign or sharing a post on social.
    • Create an Email Campaign: View any existing email marketing campaigns or create a new one for your store.
    • Share a Social Post: Write a new post to create buzz around your products and share it on your social platforms from the Social Post tab.

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