Editor X: Using Layouters

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Organize your content in a layouter; a smart layout tool made up of responsive containers. Using flex technology, the containers automatically adjust to your visitor's screen size. 
You can choose a display type for your layouter (e.g. columns, bricks, slides), add or remove items as needed, and tweak settings like margins and directionality.
In this article, learn how:

Adding a layouter

Open the Add panel to select a layouter preset and drag it onto your page. There are many designs to choose from according to the type of content you need to display (e.g. images only, images and text, etc.)
A screenshot of the Add Elements panel in Editor X, showing the different layouter options you can add

To add a layouter:

  1. Click Add Elements  on the top of Editor X.
  2. Click Layout Tools.
  3. Click Layouters.
  4. Drag a layouter onto your page.
See how it works:
Drag the handles on your canvas to see how the content of the layouter seamlessly reorganizes across breakpoints. 

Adding and managing Layouter items

A Layouter is made up of several items that are responsive containers. You can change the number of items in a Layouter and it will automatically resize the items to fit the available space. 
To add a new item, you can click Add Item or use the Manage Items panel in the Inspector. 
A screenshot of the 'Add Item' option that appears when clicking a Layouter in Editor X

To manage your Layouter items from the Inspector:

  1. Click your Layouter.
  2. Click the Inspector icon  at the top of Editor X.
  3. (In the Inspector) Click Manage next to the number of items. 

    A screenshot of the Inspector panel where you can click Manage to manage layouter items
  4. Click the More Actions icon next to an item to do any of the following:
    • Duplicate: Make a copy of a specific item.
    • Rename: Give each item a name you can recognize.
    • Delete: Remove the item completely.
    • Don't Display: Hide this item from the specific breakpoint you're working on.
A screenshot of the Manage Items panel in the Inspector
Need to re-order the items?
Hold the Reorder icon  next to the relevant item and drag it to its new position. 

Customizing the display of a layouter

Change the display of your layouter in just a click. You can choose how you want to present your content – in columns, rows, mosaic, a slider or a slideshow. The items automatically re-arrange for you. 
A screenshot showing a drop-down that appears when clicking a layouter in Editor X, to change its layout
Working with breakpoints:
  • You can set a different layout for each breakpoint.
  • We recommend the column or slider layout on smaller screens such as mobile devices.

To further customize the display:

  1. Click your layouter.
  2. Click the Inspector panel  at the top right of Editor X.
  3. (Optional) Under Display, select a Display type.
  4. Customize your layouter based on the selected display type:
Note about CSS gaps:
Some old browsers don't support this feature (e.g. Chrome 76-83, Safari 12-14 and Edge 79-83). This means visitors who access your site from these browsers don't see the gaps you set between layouter items. 
A screenshot of the Inspector panel in Editor X, while adjusting the layouter's display settings

Resizing layouter items

Your layouter items don't have to be equal in size. You can resize individual items to make them larger or smaller than the rest. From the Inspector panel, adjust each item's width and height using the measurements of your choice. You can also adjust the horizontal and vertical margins around items.
A screenshot of the Inspector panel, while resizing a layouter item in Editor X

Reordering layouter items

Rearrange the content inside your layouter by switching the item order. Using the right-click menu you can move items back and forth – the layouter automatically adjusts to accommodate your changes. 

To reorder layouter items:

  1. Right-click the item you want to move.
  2. Hover over Switch Order.
  3. Select With next item / With previous item.
A video showing how to change the order of layouter items in Editor X

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