Editor X: Adding and Setting Up Site Search

Add a search bar to your site to let visitors find anything they need. The search results are displayed clearly in a list, showing content from your site pages as well as store products, blog posts and much more. 
Before you begin:
Make sure your site is set to appear in search engines. If it's hidden, visitors won't be able to see their search results. 

Step 1 | Add the Site Search App

The first step is adding the Wix Site Search app directly from the Add panel. Once you click the Add to Site icon , you'll be redirected to a new Search Results page that is fully customizable.

After adding the Site Search app, choose a search bar from the Add panel and drag it to a section on your page. We recommend placing it in the default master header to ensure it's always visible. 
Next, customize the search bar's placeholder text, layout and design to make it your own. You can also enable quick search to let visitors see search results on the spot, in addition to the Search Results page. 
Click an option below to learn how to set up the search bar:
Tailor the search bar to your site's breakpoints so visitors can use it from any device. 

Step 3 | Customize the Search Results Page

After designing the search bar, customize the Search Results page that displays the results of your visitors' queries. Change the page's title by clicking the text element, and select the Search Results app to manage its settings, layout and design. 
Click an option below to learn how to set up the Search Results page: 
This page is hidden, which means visitors can only see it when they search for a term in the search bar. 

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