Domain Name and SEO

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Connecting your own domain name to your site is a great way to improve your site's SEO. 
To connect a domain to your site, you must upgrade it to one of our Premium plans. If you already have a Premium Plan, you can connect a domain purchased from Wix or connect a domain that was purchased from another domain host.

Consider the following before you select a domain name:

  • Unless your company name is an acronym, avoid using them: For instance, if your company name is Best's Sushi Tokyo, don't abbreviate it to when is both:
    • Easy to remember for your users.
    • Includes the entire business name, which optimizes it for search engines. 
  • Be wary of using hyphens: Contrary to what you might think, hyphens between keywords in your domain do not make them easier for search engine bots to read. In fact, too many hyphens can damage the credibility of your domain, not to mention make it difficult for your visitors to type.
  • Avoid Copyright Infringement: Sounds obvious enough, but you would be  surprised how often this mistake is made. Check that the domain name you wish to use isn't going to lead you straight to court. Visit the relevant copyright office (for example, in the US) before you register your domain.
  • Add keywords: Your domain name is a great place for a keyword or two, but don't make the domain name too long. If your company name is slightly abstract and doesn't provide an idea about what you do, consider adding one of your keywords i.e. company name is Big Corp, the domain name could be
Remember, your domain should appeal not just to your site visitors, but also to search engines. Check out this video about choosing the best domain name on the SEO Learning Hub. 
Once you choose your domain name, you cannot change it. Learn More 

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