Documenting Your Velo Package

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All Wix users can create Velo Packages. To create apps for Wix sites with the full version of Wix Blocks, join Wix Studio.
Wix Blocks provides an empty markdown file for you to edit as part of the package creation process. Edit the file to provide documentation for your package users. 
  1. Click in the code files panel README section.
  1. Write your text in the markdown file provided.
  2. Click Preview to see how the file is rendered.

Readme contents

Your readme should include the following sections:
  • An introduction that explains what the package does and why it's useful.
  • How to use the package
  • Package contents and functions provided.
  • Packages, such as npm packages, included in your package, along with licensing information for those packages. For example, your users should be aware that when they install a package that uses an npm package, they agree to that npm package's license agreement.
  • Instructions for using the package's functions.
  • Usage examples.

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