Wix Bookings: Deleting a Staff Member

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You can delete any of your staff members from Wix Bookings. Before deleting a staff member, you must first reassign that staff member's services to other staff members or delete their appointments.
Every service must be assigned to at least one staff member.

Deleting a Staff Member

Follow the steps below to reassign or cancel appointments and delete a staff member. 

To delete a staff member:

  1. Follow instructions to reassign or cancel any appointments the staff member is assigned to.
  2. Follow instructions to reassign any Classes or Courses the staff member is assigned to.
  3. If you assigned the Bookings Staff Member role, remove it. Learn How
  4. Go to your Staff tab in your site's dashboard.
  5. Hover over the relevant staff member and click the Delete icon .
  6. Click Delete to confirm.
You must have at least one staff member. If you haven't added any additional staff members then you (the owner) are the default staff member.

Important Information

Deleting a staff member impacts your services in different ways. Here are the scenarios you can expect after you delete staff from one of your services. 

  • Single staff - the appointment is no longer available. 
  • Multiple staff - the appointment is still available for booking. The availability of the remaining staff members is displayed.

  • The remaining unbooked sessions keep the deleted staff member and are bookable. It is recommended that you replace the assigned staff member.
  • If the session is integrated with Zoom - the Zoom link is retained.
  • Existing sessions that are already booked keep the deleted staff member.
  • On your live site, the name of the staff member that has been deleted still appears next to services, until they are replaced with another staff member.