Customizing the Twitter Settings for Your Site's Pages

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You can customize how your web pages look when they are shared on Twitter. Add your own images, titles, and descriptions for each page of your site to make your business look professional and increase traffic.
For example, you can customize the title of your site in Twitter shares when want to advertise an upcoming sale or promotion. 

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About Twitter Settings

When you share your pages to Twitter, Wix provides the image and text you've included in your Social Share settings so that it displays in the correct format for a Twitter Card
You can also customize your page's Twitter Settings to display a different twitter:title, twitter:description, and twitter:image for pages that you share on Twitter. 
You can customize the following for Twitter shares:
  • twitter:image: Choose an image that reflects the topic of the page. Use the preview to see how the image will look in your Twitter share.
  • Card size: Choose to include a large or small card in your Twitter share.
  • twitter:title: Add a title that summarizes the content of the page. We recommend keeping the length below 80 characters or some of the title may be truncated. Use the preview to see how the title will look in your social share.
  • twitter:description: Add a short description of the content of the page. We recommend keeping the length below 300 characters or some of the description may be truncated. Use the preview to see how the description will look in your social share.
  • Twitter uses its own criteria to choose the best title, description, and image for the pages that get shared on it. While it's likely the information in your Twitter Settings will be used, it's not guaranteed.
  • After you change your page information, it can take up to a week for the new information to appear in Twitter shares. You can test what your Twitter share will look like by following the steps in this Twitter article.

Customizing Your Page's Twitter Settings

Follow the steps below to customize your Twitter Settings for:

Using Twitter Settings in your site's SEO Settings

If you want to apply the same Twitter Settings to more than one page, you can customize them in your site's SEO Settings

Twitter Settings that you use in your SEO Settings are used on every page that follows the SEO Setting. 

To customize in SEO Settings:

  1. Go to your SEO Dashboard.
  2. Select Go to SEO Settings under Tools and settings.
  3. Select the page type that you want to edit. 
  4. Click Edit beside SEO basics & social share.
  5. Update your settings under Twitter. Learn more about customizing SEO Settings
Twitter settings in your SEO Settings

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