CMS: Displaying Blog Posts using Dynamic Pages

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Unlock new blogging possibilities with the CMS (Content Management System) and dynamic pages. 

Dynamic pages offer a fresh approach to presenting your blog content, bringing you several advantages. By adopting this method, you can showcase your blog without including the comments section, making your content accessible to non-members of your site. Additionally, you have the flexibility to display only the text of your blogs, enhancing page load times for a smoother browsing experience.
Before you begin, make sure your site has:

Step 1 | Create dynamic pages for your blog posts

Create a dynamic item page that will be the structure for all your individual blog posts. Then create a dynamic list page that serve as an index of your posts. Later you can customize these pages and link between them. 

To add dynamic pages for your blog:

  1. Click CMS  on the left side of the editor.
  2. Click Wix App Collections.  
    Note: If you don't see Wix App Collections, make sure you've enabled them.
  3. Under Blog, hover over Posts and click the More Actions icon .
  4. Click Add dynamic page
  1. Click Item Page
  2. Click Add to Site
  3. Repeat steps 1-4, then click List Page
  4. Click Add to Site

Step 2 | Customize and connect your dynamic pages

Most of the page elements on your dynamic pages automatically connect to your blog. You can add elements to these pages and connect them to your blog posts through the page dataset

Click the buttons on your dynamic pages and choose their click actions to control where the links take visitors.
A screenshot of linking a button on the dynamic list page to the dynamic item page.

Important information

When utilizing dynamic pages to showcase blog posts, please note the following restrictions:

  • Site visitors are unable to 'Like' blog posts.
  • Site visitors are unable to utilize the following features: Share post, Edit post, Follow post, Comment.
  • Blog titles must not contain the following characters: -, +, (, ), $.
    Including any of these restricted characters in a blog title will result in a broken link to the dynamic page.

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