Choosing Between Wix Restaurants and Wix Stores

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Wix offers 2 main solutions that sometimes may overlap: Restaurants and Stores. While some businesses are straightforward restaurants or stores, others can decide what solution is better for them according to their needs. 
For example, flower shops don't sell food, but, much like a restaurant, they do sell perishable items that you want to get the same day. So if you own a flower shop you may choose to use Wix Restaurants and not Wix Stores. 

When to use Wix Restaurants

Wix Restaurants is designed for businesses that sell perishable items such as cakes, food and flowers.
Features requirements may be:
  • Order tracking board
  • Immediate orders
  • Scheduled orders
  • Immediate preparation
  • Table reservations
  • Separate restaurant and delivery menus
  • Specific labels (such as 'gluten-free')
a screenshot of wix restaurants online orders tracking board with four statuses: pending, accepted, ready, out for delivery.

When to use Wix Stores

Wix Stores is designed for eCommerce businesses that sell non-perishable items such as:
  • Sealed food 
  • Food sold by weight
  • General merchandise 

Features requirements may be:
  • Your orders are not time sensitive and can be shipped by mail
  • You're selling on multiple sales channels, and adding dropshipping products to your store.
  • You offer up to 50,000 products in your online store
  • You sell digital products

Feature comparison table

View a comparison table below that highlights the features of Wix Stores and Wix Restaurants.
Wix Restaurants
Wix Stores
Online orders
Separate restaurant and delivery menus

 Table reservetions 

Item labels

Sell on multiple channels


Orders tracking board
Multiple locations
Immediate orders

E-commerce platform


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