Check-in by Wix: Checking in Guests to an Event

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Use the Check-in app to keep track of your guests' attendance with ease.    
You can scan their tickets upon arrival for seamless entry. For larger events, simplify the process further by scanning different ticket types, such as VIP or Early Bird, ensuring a smooth and organized check-in experience.
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Checking in guests to an event

Easily manage guest check-ins for your event by customizing your preferences. You can filter attendees based on ticket type and status, or sort by arrival status for efficient coordination. 
  1. Open the Check-in by Wix app.
  2. Tap the relevant event.
  3. Choose what you want to do: 
A screenshot of the Event management panel in the Check-in by Wix app.
You can also use the  Wix Owner app to check guests in as they arrive at your event. 


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