Changing the Title Displayed in the Browser Tab

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By default, your page's title tag is displayed as the title in your browser tab. 
If you want to change the browser tab title, you can customize your page's title tag in the SEO Panel of your page.

Learn how to:

Changing the browser tab title for your live site

You can edit your browser tab title of your live site at any time in your site's Editor. 

To change the browser title:

  1. Go to your page's SEO Settings:
2.  Enter the page title under What's the page's title tag (title in search results)?.
3.  Click Publish at the top right of the Editor.
Search engines will update your page's title tag the next time that they crawl your site. If you want to try to speed up the process, you can submit your page's URL to search engines.
Adding custom code to your site may affect your browser tab title. Try removing any custom code you added to your site if you see an incorrect browser tab title.

Changing the browser tab title for your Editor

You can also change the browser title of the Editor version of your site. This helps you quickly identify the relevant site in your browser bar, especially if you are working on multiple Wix sites.
These steps are only possible in the free version of your site. If you have a domain, you must unassign the domain first and then reassign the domain when finished. 

To change the browser title of the site Editor:

  1. (Optional) Unassign your domain.
  2. Go your site's dashboard.
  3. Click Site Actions.
  4. Click Rename Site.
  5. Under Site Address (URL), enter the new browser title.
  6. (Optional) Reassign your domain.

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