Google Ads Campaign Created Directly with Google Disapproved

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This article specifically refers to Google Ads created with Google. If you are creating Google Ads with Wix learn more here. 

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If your Google Ads campaign has received a disapproved status, please make sure you have followed the steps outlined here to create your campaign. 

If you have set up your ads according to the steps in the link above, please try resubmitting your ads by updating the campaign content.

Getting Your Ad Approved by Google Ads

There are a few reasons why Google may disapprove an Ad Campaign. We have carefully listed the most common reasons in an order to help you find your solution as quickly and easily as possible. In order, check the following: 

To fix issues when Google gives specific error details

To fix issues when Google flags Wix components as malicious software

Google uses a combination of automated and human evaluation to ensure Google Ads comply with their policies. That said, there is a possibility for Wix internal sources to be flagged as false positives. 

These internal sources are core components and cannot be removed, as they are required for the normal operation of your website. They do not contain any malware or malicious content and are falsely flagged by Google.

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