Adding a Reference Field to a Database Collection

Link one collection to other collections of yours, using reference fields. You can access all the fields in both a main collection and referenced collection using a reference field. Then you can display content from multiple collections inside a page element.
When displaying content from multiple Database Collections, you are working with:
  • A main collection: Database Collection with a reference field linking to items in another collection.
  • A referenced collection: This is the collection to which we are linking.
A reference field lets you link items from one collection with another collection. The reference field displays the value in the Main field of the specific item in the referenced collection.  
In the Content Manager, reference fields have the following features:
  • A database icon in the column header
  • A dropdown list for picking a value from the referenced collection
  • Blue highlight around the field values
Looking for Advanced information?
Learn more about Reference Fields.

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