Accessibility: Templates With Accessibility Features

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Wix offers templates with built-in accessibility features, so visitors with disabilities or impairments are able to get the most out of your site. These templates are a great way to begin building a site that is accessible to all visitors, regardless of ability.
A screenshot of the accessible templates available from Wix.

Accessibility templates

Accessible templates have basic built-in accessibility features, such as an accessible heading structures and site color contrast. The features offered vary depending on the style of site template you choose. View, preview, and edit accessible templates
Some advanced accessibility features, such as custom ARIA labels and alt text, are not included in these templates and need to be added manually.

Continue optimizing your site for accessibility

After adding and editing your site template, we recommend going through our checklist to ensure your site has utilized all of the accessibility features that we offer. 
While we are continuously striving to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, can use our products and services, we cannot guarantee that your site will be compliant with your local accessibility laws and regulations.

We recommend going through our accessibility checklist, and consulting an accessibility expert to ensure that your site meets the criteria outlined in your region's accessibility regulations.

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