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Wix API keys are codes that you can generate to authorize a user or application and give them access to your account data and site data through Wix's custom REST APIs.
Use Wix API keys to securely access your site's data such as your orders, products, and events. With this data, you can build your own custom functionality to connect Wix business solutions like Wix Stores and Wix Bookings or connect to third-party services. You can also access and update your account-level data, including the ability to create new accounts.

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Understanding API keys

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are communication protocols used for request-and-response interactions between computers. For example, when you log in to your Wix account using an email address and password, an API authenticates your identity with Wix using your credentials.

API keys are codes (also known as strings) that users or applications can send to an API to authorize themselves.  If the API key is valid, the API will then give you access to its data. The specific data that you can access is based on the permission set of the API key. 
A screenshot of the permission set of an API key

Using Wix API keys to call Wix APIs

The API keys that you generate in your site’s dashboard let you use Wix APIs to access and manage your account and site data and to build custom functionality. 
For example, you can fetch a list of products from your store, add a new product to your store, automatically post about that new product on social media and much more.

Managing your Wix API keys

You can manage your API keys in Account Settings in your site's dashboard. Generate new keys, rotate or duplicate existing keys, edit their details and permissions, and delete keys that you no longer need. Learn more about managing API keys
A screenshot of the API keys page in Account Settings

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