About the Wix Hotels Channel Manager

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Sync your hotel availability and rates with other hotel services through the Channel Manager. Choose from over 150 services, including Booking.com, Expedia, Orbitz and many more!
After you set up the channel manager and connect to services, you'll be able to see all your bookings from all channels in your Wix Hotel calendar.  
This article refers to the original Wix Hotels. If you are using the new Wix Hotels by HotelRunner, which is not yet available to all users, please read the information here. Learn how to check which version of Wix Hotels you are using
Before you begin:
  • Wix works with HotelRunner to provide this integration. This service costs $15 per month and comes with a 14 day free trial when you upgrade to a suitable Premium Plan.
  • Any changes you make to the Channel Manager must be done through your Wix account. Do not sign in from Hotelrunner.com to try to make updates, as it may cause discrepancies with rates and availability to external channels.

Some hotel services work with HotelRunner using an OTA (online travel agency) connection. Others use an iCal connection. Learn more about the channels HotelRunner supports here
Airbnb Users:
There are 2 ways to connect Airbnb through HotelRunner:
  • Airbnb (API): This is an OTA channel, meaning that it supports two-way synchronization as described here.
  • Airbnb: This is an iCal channel and therefore does not support two-way synchronization, as described here.

Online Travel Agencies (OTA)

Some examples of OTA channels include Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb (API).
With OTA channels the following changes are updated automatically in both systems (two-way synchronization):
  • Minimum and Maximum night stays.
  • Regular and seasonal rates. 
  • Temporary rate changes made with Quick Rates.
  • Reservations made by guest through your Wix site.
  • Reservations made by guests through an online travel agency.
  • Room rates and weekend rates you set in the Rooms tab of your Wix Hotel manager.
  • The length of stay you set in your Wix Hotel manager.
The following does not get updated:

iCal Connections Through HotelRunner

Some examples of iCal channels include HomeAway, Airbnb and VRBO. iCal connections through HotelRunner only have one-way synchronization from your Wix Hotels Reservation Calendar to the Channel.
The following reservations do appear in your connected iCal channels:
  • Reservations made by guests through your Wix site
  • Reservations manually added by you to your Wix Reservations Calendar
  • Reservations imported from any other connected channels 
However, reservations made through iCal channels do not appear in your Wix Hotel calendar and should be added there manually. Other changes (rate changes, minimum stay, blocked days, etc.) are also not synced.

  • Your room rates are taken from Wix Hotels. If your room rates are different in other channels, the channel manager uses the rates set in Wix Hotels.
  • If you plan to connect to the Wix Hotels Channel Manager, and you have multiple rooms of the same type (e.g. you have 3 rooms with single beds), you must create each room as a separate type (e.g. single room 1, single room 2).
  • Before connecting to Hotel Runner it is important to make sure that you have set weekend rates for your rooms. If you want these to be the same as your weekday rates you can use the same number in both boxes.
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