About the Wix 404 Error Message Page

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In the past, if you (or a site visitor) entered a URL for a page on your site that does not exist, then your site's home page was displayed instead. 
We recently changed this behaviour. Now, a Wix 404 error message page is displayed. A 404 response code means "page not found". The Wix 404 page includes a short paragraph describing the reason for this response and a button that takes your site visitors to the home page of your site. 
We changed to a 404 error message page because:
  1. We want your site visitors to know that they are looking for a specific URL that does not exist, rather than sending them to your home page.
  2. We want to provide the correct response. The new 404 response says that the page does not exist.
The new 404 page looks like this:
  • If you have a page that no longer exists and is returning a 404 error, or you have changed the URL name of a previously published page, you can create a 301 redirect to your home page or to another page in the site.
  • If you see a page returning a 404 response which you believe is incorrect, click here to troubleshoot the problem.
  • You can customize your 404 error page to make sure your visitors keep exploring your site after seeing the error. Learn How
  • Currently, this is not available for verticals (Wix Stores, Wix Bookings etc, and third-party apps).
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