About the Member Signup Form

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The member signup form is part of the Members Area on your site. It lets your visitors register to become members of your site. 
There are 3 types of member signup forms to choose from:

Default Signup Form

The default signup form is already designed for you and matches your site. Use this form if visitors only need to enter their email address and password to register.
If you want to collect more information and have more fields in the form, use the custom form (described below). 

Custom Signup Form

Custom signup forms are not yet available in Editor X.
Display a custom signup form which you can completely customize to look how you want. 

You can customize every aspect of the form including the form title, fields, background and button.
You cannot display social login buttons on a custom signup form.

Velo Form

If you enabled Velo you can link to your Velo form. You can create a custom member signup form using code and then enable custom site registration. 
This option is for technical users.

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