About the Google Ads Credit Offer for Wix Sites

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Earn $500 USD (or the currency equivalent) in ad credit directly from Google to help run your Google Ads with Wix campaign. With Google Ads, you can create simple, effective ads and display them to people who are searching online for information related to your business.
This Google Ads offer replaces the Google Ad voucher that used to be available with new Premium plans.
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Eligibility for Google Ads credit

If you are eligible for this ad credit, Google applies it directly to your available ad credits and you will receive a notification via email as well as in your site's dashboard. Read more about Google's terms and conditions.

In order to be eligible for the ad credit offer:

  1. You must be new to Google advertising, with no previous Google Ads campaigns related to your site.
  2. You must spend $500 USD (or your currency equivalent, see below) on ad clicks within the first 60 days of your campaign:
    • USD: Spend 500 USD within the first 60 days to receive 500 USD ad credit.
    • GBP: Spend 400 GBP within the first 60 days to receive 400 GBP ad credit.
    • EUR: Spend 400 EUR within the first 60 days to receive 400 EUR ad credit.
    • JPY: Spend 60,000 JPY within the first 60 days to receive 60,000 JPY ad credit.
All other currencies which are converted to USD need to spend $500 USD to receive the $500  ad credit.
Since your ad budget is spent on clicks, you have a better chance of being eligible if you set your monthly subscription to at least $300 (around 10 USD per day). 
You can track your eligibility from your Google Ads dashboard in Ad credit promo.
A screenshot of the Google Ads credit promo offer in a Google Ads account.


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