About Fast Checkout

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Increase earnings by making it easy for repeat customers to complete the checkout process. Using the Members Area, your customers can create an account on your site and save their details for all future sales.

How fast checkout works

With a Members Area added to your site, a customer can sign up and log in. When they make a purchase, their details are saved.
When the customer returns to make a new purchase, they find their details already filled in. 
Customers can save their billing addresses and personal details. Wix Stores customers can save their shipping address. If a customer chooses to, they can save their credit card details, as well. 
The fast checkout feature does not work if you added a custom field to the checkout. Customers will need to re-enter their details.

How customers edit saved addresses & credit cards

There are two ways customers can manage their address list. 
On the checkout page, customers can click Edit to:
  • Select a different shipping or billing address
  • Edit an address
  • Add a new address
Alternatively, after logging in to your site, clients can click My Addresses  to view their My Addresses page. There, they can select a default address as well as adding, editing or deleting an address. By clicking My Wallet, customers can edit or delete a saved credit card. 

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