About Creating Velo Packages

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All Wix users can create Velo Packages. To create apps for Wix sites with the full version of Wix Blocks, join Wix Studio.
Velo packages are code libraries that allow you to add specific functionality to your site. Wix Blocks enables you to build your own Velo packages so that you can reuse code on any of your Wix or Editor X sites. Learn how to create a Velo package
You can add one or more of the following to your Velo package:
  • Exported functions written by you in a public .js file that can be imported and called anywhere on the website.
  • Backend code files.
  • config.json file for defining site-specific settings for your package.
  • An events.js file for running backend events related to the package.
  • Web modules. These enable you to write server-side functions that can be called from client-side code. This way you can import functions from the backend into files or scripts in page code or public files and they will run on the server. Velo handles the client-server communication.
  • NPM packages.
  • Documentation, in the form of a Markdown readme file.

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